This circa 1910s home was in desperate need of some updating. The kitchen had been cheaply remodelled years ago, but never re-designed to accomodate the changes the rest of the house had undergone. In this re-design, we opened the kitchen by adding a structural beam to the rear room and rebuilt both the rear room and kitchen space so that it felt and looked original to the house.New oak floors were laid as well as new ceilings framed to make the room feel continious and flowing. We also changed the location of the rear master bedroom entry. Rather than have it right off the kitchen, we moved it to the rear of the house in order to make it more private and gain storage efficiency in the kitchen. Now there are pantry cabinets and a large closet that matched the walls where the old master bedroom door once stood. To accomodate the tall ceilings, we built simple cubbies that matched the walls above the natural beech cabinets. We also finished the master bathroom with plantation teak vaneer cabinets and a quartz countertop.

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